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Free online courses/modules for the year 2017, for young people and youth workers

The project

This course is provided through the E+ project ”The suitcase, the map and the voyage of a youth worker”, funded with support from the European Commission. More about the project and the other online modules developed in the project can be found at

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4) Online course – Youth worker

 A training course for the youth worker aimed at those who would like to find out more about ”the youth guides”. We will cover some basic elements in the following areas: the youth worker profession, a short history of youth work, responsibilities of a youth worker in Erasmus+ programme, group dynamics, communication, types of intelligence, learning, motivation, managing diversity, conflict management, personal and professional plan, SMART objectives, cooperation inside a community and informing young people.

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3) Online course – Learning to learn

 Online training course and assessment tool for one key competence: learning to learn. Key chapters covered here: 

– An overview of learning to learn competence;

– Time management; 

– Information management;

– The proper lifestyle for quick learning.

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2) The Simulation box of jobs – Interactive area

 This module will help you figure out what kind of jobs would suit you best, at least from the first 10 that we propose here: nurse, doctor, automotive operator, sales representative, manager, driver, teacher, engineer, IT programmer, sportsperson.

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1) The Career Box – Interactive career guidance guide    

You can find here tools to be used in getting ready for a career nowadays, from discovering your inner preferences to preparing yourself for an interview.  

Leave behind your status of an Apprentice and dare to assume the role of the Journeyman!

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