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Europe Direct Limassol

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EUROPE DIRECT Limassol provides information for citizens and organized groups in the Limassol district regarding the European Union and has a direct and fast connection with the European Union.

The EUROPE DIRECT Limassol is a part of a pan-European network and is under the auspices by the European commission’s representation in Cyprus and the Cyprus University of Technology.

The mission for the EUROPE DIRECT includes the following services:

  • Providing correct information to citizens about EU-issues (such as citizen’s rights, legislation, programs, education and education programs, the common currency etc.)
  • Give practical advice on several different issues (everything from how one can post a complaint on dangerous products, to how you can issue residents permits)
  • Promote and encourage participatory citizenship.
  • Forward information to media regarding the EUROPE DIRECT Limassol and the EU.
  • Create and disseminate important information about EU-issues.
  • Organize workshops, seminars and education regarding events in life for EU citizens (such as EU-citizen’s rights, education and vocational education, the future for rural development and so on)
  • Providing brochures and publications about the European Union.
  • Update the EU or regions/ partners associated with the EU about information needs and potential of the region in which they are active.
  • Promoting partnership in issues that regards the EU commission
  • If necessary, forward public requests to other more suitable sources of information in the EU, and on local and national level.

All services mentioned above are free of charge.


The EUROPE DIRECT Limassol was created on the initiative of the Cyprus University of Technology, which also is the host structure for the period 2013-2025. The initiative from the university was supported from the municipalities of Limassol, Agios Athanasios, Germasogeias, Mesa Geitonias and Deryneias. It was also supported by Limassol Development Company.