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eu partnershipPROGRAMMA ERASMUS PLUS 2015

Scadenza 14 maggio 2015

The Project YEPPIES We Are Sport (Young European People in the Sport) objective is to promote the European dimension in sport and its values, following the political strategies of the EU.

Specifically, the project aims are:

to improve the life quality, health and environment; to promote the social aspect of sports; to promote training, mobility and employment; to strengthen cooperation between the EU countries.

It is planned to organize a nonprofit sports event and programs of workshops and contemporary activities, including ideas contest Results The results targeted are committed:

to organize active participation of about 700 young people in the sports programtraining; to offer a replicable management model of events and volunteers organization; to improve the awareness on the importance of sport for health and social inclusion; to improve the awareness on environmental impact of sports; to train on employment opportunities in the world of sports; to improve the back image of the event for future editions; to create a network in order to replicate the event.

The activity program is divided into:

Sports week organization

Sports courses made simultaneously on the following sports:

Soccer, Volleyball and Beach Volleyball, Basketball, Athletics, Canoeing and Rowing adaptive; At the end of the internship, final event (tournaments and competitions).


The training activities will be organized in workshops and will focused on three major themes:

sport and health (HEPA)

sports and society

sport and work

sport and environment


physical activity and Mediterranean diet (the basics of a healthy diet is to improve as the quality of life, as sporty performances); sport management (training opportunities and professional sports); social implications and subsidiary of sport: disability, inclusion and volunteerism; sport and environment (sports facilities, green and renewable energy. The sport ecological).

In the meantime are expected

keynote address opening;

Career day (Showcase on professional and educational opportunities of the universities, as well as the leading companies in the area (eg. FIAT); rich and varied program of entertainment; competition of ideas.

The competition of ideas is the awarding of three best works built up by participants after the event. The content should be draft design.

Each work must bear a lived experience: reports, photo, report and survey activity on field.

Assuming, in addition, the development of an alternative model to the support of the sport of basis of transnational exchange . The jury will define selection criteria.

The awards will be the enrolment for free, to a degree program at the University of the University of Turin and the Turin Polytechnic (including master) and free membership to the sports courses of CUS Torino.

For everyone will be provided other benefits, The best photo selected will be placed in the home page of the project site.


About 700 young people, both gender, interested in sports as athletes, coaches, technicians, students, event organizers, workers in the field of sport, volunteers. About 4% of the total number of participants percentage will be people with special needs, handycap.

Innovation and financing of EU.

Young people, in addition to take part to the sports games, athletes and / or as participants in the workshops, can decide to support Volunteers used in the event. Thus will experience as co-organizers. The Torino university traditionally charged CUS Torino to organize sports events. CUS Torino, cooperate with sports


voluntary association, Primo Nebiolo. This association is the heritage from the experience of Winter Olympics 2006 and Universiade and 2007; The competition of ideas aims, are to facilitate and encourage youth mobility in Europe. EU contribution to the project allows to build up network of partners to meet and discuss in the name of sport; The Media Center and Communication, Cinedumedia research project center The project includes activities that are carried out in collaboration with the center Cinedumedia, the research project of media and cross-media of the Department of Philosophy and Educational Sciences. The program will be managed in common, activity related media and sports, TV format will be designed and managed with the leaders from Cinedumedia and CUS, in order to build the meaning of the activities will be carried out and broadcasted. Communicate sports, like any other discipline or sports activity is something that is built together, sports management and sports experts, management and media experts. During the week, sport workshops will be followed by a TV crews of the media research center.

Project length

01-01-2016 – 31-12-2016

Candidate partners:

Volunteer associations

Associations and Sports Federations

Student associations

Youth associations


Local Bodies

Public or private entities in general that provide services for young people and / or students or working in the field of youth Role of partners Identification and recruitment of a group of about 50-70 young people who are interested in attending the events as athletes, workshops or both.

Organization and management of the trip.

Communication and Information.

Coordination of the group during the event.

Willingness to participate in staff meetings.

Restitution of the experience looking to drafting the final report Programme Countries Member states Belgium Bulgaria Czech Republic Denmark


























Non UE Programme country

Ex-Repubblica jugoslava di Macedonia






Erasmus + program, contribute to the project up to 500,000 €, regardless of the duration Applicant and local partners will co-finance with 20% .the project budget is approximately € 700,000.00 Contacts UNIVERSITY TURIN Via Giuseppe Verdi, 8 – 10100 Torino, Italy Mr Ferdinando Cabrini

Phone: + 39 335 33 79 93


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