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The Europe Direct Network

The network consists of more than 500 Europe Direct Information Centres (EDIC) in 28 Member States. The EDICs have been established and are financed by the European Commission and are intended to act as an interface between the EU and its citizens at local level and dissemination of information carrier concerning the Union.

In this context, each centre operates special query response service, which you may approach to obtain information and guidance on a wide range of topics and questions related to European integration such as:

How do I get a residence permit?

How do I search for jobs in other European Union countries?

My flight was cancelled – what are my rights?

Where can I find information on European subsidies?

How to complain about unsafe products?

What are the Union’s priorities for 2016?

All information centres have their own websites and/or accounts in social media, and organises different events such as public debates, meetings, seminar and other events, producing brochures and newsletters, promote information to media representatives, etc.