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* Urgent Call for Partners! * RIGHTS, EQUALITY AND CITIZENSHIP PROGRAMME (2014-2020)

Action grants to support national and translational projects aiming to promote Union Citizenship – RIGHTS, EQUALITY AND CITIZENSHIP PROGRAMME (2014-2020)

> Title of the Project: Improve the Mobility of European Citizen (Acronym: IMEC)

> Applicant:
Municipality of Reggio Calabria (Coordinator) and Province of Reggio Calabria (Co-coordinator) – Italy

> Partner Countries:
We are looking for partners from all the EU Member States.

> Partner profiles:
– Local / Governmental authorities who are in zones with local presence of communities of European citizens (of other nations) and with a population of more than 70,000 inhabitants.

– NGOs (*) that cooperate with national and/or local governments with focus on: promoting Union citizenship, promote the right to free movement and the electoral rights deriving from the citizenship.

(*) The NGO (Partner) can’t participate in the consortium / partnership without their local associated Partner (Local public Authority)

> DEADLINE for Partners: 24 January 2015 – 12:00 (noon) CET

Download the complete document «IMEC – Call for Partners»:

Best regards,

EDIC – Reggio Calabria ( Italy )

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